Cox Arms USA was created with the sole intent of providing a better option for America’s favorite rifle, the AR15. Founded by Michael Cox in 2019, Cox Arms USA has its base of operations in San Tan Valley Arizona, outside of Phoenix. Michael, a Marine Corps veteran, and long-time firearms dealer noticed a gradual downhill trend in the quality of products that AR manufacturers have been producing in recent years. With a sharp focus on quality and performance, Cox Arms USA is producing 100% American-made firearms using only the most select parts, filling a void that has been left by other manufacturers who choose to cut corners for the sake of margin.

Whether you are looking for a firearm that will perform at the range or one you can bet your life on, Cox Arms USA is the solution for you. You don’t have to settle for less any longer.



Cox Arms USA starts with the best raw materials and only the finest components to complete these top-tier firearms. Made in house with 7075-T6 billets that are scrutinized for fit and finish to bring you exacting tolerances for a lifetime of form and function. They are then finished with one of many Cerakote® options.

The business end of your new firearm entails a Ballistic Advantage 10.5 or 16-inch chrome-lined barrel capped with a VG6 Precision Gamma muzzle break. This aids in taking full advantage of your precision barrel and adds up to an extremely accurate and light shooting system with amazing follow-up shot response.

To further precision, Cox Arms USA is utilizing an Elftmann, SOCOM rated adjustable trigger. This trigger was designed for SOCOM units and is now offered to you. The trigger is user-adjustable in half-pound increments for an intuitive and crisp/light break for repeatable shot placement.

An MFT 15-degree pistol grip is the perfect fit and feel whether you’re runnin’ and gunnin’ or in the prone. Our rifles employ an MFT buttstock and our pistols use the Gear Head Works pistol brace for optimal control and comfort.

The bottom line is we build American firearms with the highest quality American parts and accessories; assembled by American patriots who have served this great Nation and understand the importance of a well-built, reliable weapon system.

In conclusion, whether you are in the field or protecting your home, you can count on Cox Arms USA to stand with you and stand by our firearms.